The Differences between Smoking versus Eating Cannabis



smoking versus eating cannabis

One of the simplest things about cannabis is the wonderful sort of ways you’ll consume it. With options like flowers, vaporizers, tinctures, and edibles, you’ll easily switch your consumption method and blend up your cannabis routine. From lighting a joint with clipper lighter to a unique recipe for a space cake edibles.

However, once you consume different types of cannabis, it’s always important to recollect that these different consumption methods are, well, different. You’ll get a special experience once you use various sorts of cannabis because your body absorbs and processes them differently.

Eating Cannabis Edibles Versus Smoking Cannabis

Consuming edibles versus smoking cannabis are two of the foremost popular ways to consume cannabis. These consumption methods can both offer an excellent experience– but they provide very different backgrounds. So, why is knowing these differences significant? Below, we are going over everything we would like to understand about eating edibles versus smoking weed. We will cover the essential differences between these two methods of consumption and the benefits of every technique.

Absorption and Onset of Effects

Absorption and onset of effects one of the most important differences between eating and smoking cannabis is onset time. Our body absorbs inhaled marijuana through the lungs, and it does this very quickly. After smoking cannabis, we will start feeling its effects within a couple of minutes.

On the other hand, once we eat a marijuana edible, our body absorbs it through our gastrointestinal system, which may take quite a while. It can take anywhere from a half-hour to 2 hours to feel the effects of a cannabis edible.

smoking versus eating cannabis

Understanding the difference in onset time between smoking versus eating cannabis is extremely important for our user experience. We will feel the results of smoking soon, so it is harder to overdo it once we smoke accidentally. However, it is extremely easy– and common– to accidentally consume an excessive amount of edible cannabis.

People often take an edible, wait for a touch, think they have not had enough of the consumable to feel any effects, then eat another dose. Then, a few hours later, they experience the unpleasant, overwhelming effects of a double treatment. Because once they took that second edible, they only had not waited long enough to feel the effects of the primary consumable.


When it involves discretion, smoking cannabis and eating an edible are at opposite ends of the spectrum. It is challenging to discreet once we smoke marijuana because we are producing smoke and, generally, a robust and distinctive smell. On the other hand, edibles are one of the foremost discreet ways to use cannabis. They are small, do not produce any smoke or vapour, and do not provide a robust smell. If we would like or got to be discreet when consuming recreational or medical marijuana, cannabis edibles are one of our best options.


We will have a unique duration of effects once we smoke versus once we eat an edible in addition to having different onset times and various effects. Due to the way our body absorbs a cannabis edible, it takes longer to feel its effects. Except for this same reason, the effects of an edible are usually long-lasting. Once the results of a good cannabis kick in, they will last for several hours. On the opposite hand, due to the way our body absorbs inhaled cannabis, we will feel the effects of smoking cannabis quickly. However, these effects will not last as long because of the effects of an edible. The results of smoking cannabis tend to fade after around 30 to an hour.

Effects and Strength

Cannabis users often say that the effects they get from consuming an edible are much more reliable than the results they get from smoking. This is often tied to how the body absorbs edible cannabis. Once we smoke marijuana, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) therein cannabis travels onto the brain. Once we consume cannabis edibles, our body metabolizes the THC therein edible within the liver, turning it into 11-hydroxy-THC. This more active sort of THC is superb at crossing the barrier, which generally leads us to have more intense effects.

Whether we wish to have an extended or shorter duration of effects comes right down to personal preference. However, whatever we favour, it is essential to know that these consumption methods will last for various amounts of time. It always knows to understand how long the effects of a cannabis product may last so that we will plan accordingly.

The Health Factor

When we smoke cannabis, there is no getting around that we are smoking something. Moreover, if we are concerned about the health effects of smoking marijuana, we will feel more comfortable with a consumption method that does not involve smoking, like eating an edible.

People sometimes consider edibles as being inherently unhealthy, since they commonly are available the shape of a dessert. For instance, cannabis brownies, cannabis gummies, and cannabis chocolates are quite common sorts of cannabis edibles. However, not all cannabis edibles contain high amounts of sugar.

We will find many low and no sugar cannabis edibles, like cannabis mints, at our local dispensary. We will also always make our cannabis edibles, which allows us to regulate precisely what is in them. We will make cannabis-infused granola, salad dressings, protein bars, or other healthy cannabis-infused food we desire.

Bottom Line

Some people wish to smoke their cannabis, while others want to eat their cannabis. Then, some people want to do both but switch things up counting on the occasion. However, you wish to use your marijuana. It’s important to remember how the cannabis products you’re using works. We hope this guide to the differences and benefits of eating edibles versus smoking weed has been helpful and academic as you progress forward in your cannabis journey.