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Looking to stock up the stash?

Let’s be real.
Who doesn’t love a good deal?

We like to mix things up.

At the beginning of every month we will announce the sales we’ll be having all month long. You can find all those deals on each locations menu page, just check the colored banner at the top of the page to see what the most current specials are!

We like to offer a variety of items so while something you want might not be on special this week or month, you might be pleasantly surprised with what we have next month.

If you have any questions about our specials, promotions, or any of our products you can always email us or give one of our locations a call.

Want to jump over to our menus to start browsing? View our locations page to find the shop you're looking for.



  • Medible Monday: 10% off Edibles
  • Tincture Tuesday: 10% off Tinctures & Balms
  • Waxy Wednesday: 10% off Wax
  • Cartday Thursday: 10% off Carts
  • Flower Friday: 10% off Flower
  • Smokin’ Saturday: 10% off everything smokeable
  • “Send it” Sunday: 5% off entire order for both MED and REC


  • First Timers: MED (15%), REC (10%)
  • Veteran’s: MED (20%), REC (15%)
  • Seniors & Disabilities: MED (15%), REC (10%)
  • Local: MED & REC (10%)
  • Industry: MED & REC (15%)
  • Birthday: MED & REC (15%)

To see today’s specific sales for your store, check out your locations menu banner!

(Discounts can not be stacked)

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