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Let's Kick This Off Old School


Back to a time with friends in the basement, chill tunes and passing a joint around.

You’re smiling because you remember vividly.

Huddled underneath a skinny window, taking turns standing on a stool, blowing smoke so no one catches wind, turning up the tunes to mask the coughs and laughter.
As it was then, is now. Cannabis reminds you to take a deep breath and not take this world too seriously. You don’t have to hide anymore. We are bringing those familiar, comfortable vibes up from the basement to the first floor.
The Emporium was envisioned amongst friends, in a cozy kitchen, with laughter, companionship and big dreams (ok, maybe a dab or two) and brought to life in Michigan. Dreams turned to a mission of becoming the most reliable and trusted name in cannabis. We want to get to know you so on your second, third, fourth and fifth visits, we remember your name. We’ll remember your story, style and your favorite products.
We have a colorful, vintage soul and we welcome all personalities, all tastes and all user levels. Join our inner circle. We imagine we’ll soon feel like long lost friends. You don’t have to hide in the basement anymore. Come join us upstairs.

"It’s not just a stark white, sterile environment. It’s a hands-on, interactive experience where all types of consumers can engage in an offering unique to the industry. Pinnacle is keeping the fun in Cannabis, not just in the showroom or when purchasing products…it starts the second you walk through the front door."


Our Vision

In every aspect of cannabusiness, offer a professional, sustainable, scalable and desirable work environment, benefit and experience. Strategically position the company as one of the largest, most consistent and recognizable brands in the great state of Michigan, and eventually the country. Pinnacle will provide the highest quality and effective alternative, organic and holistic remedies for patients, while giving back to the local community on many levels including the support of small businesses and children’s programs.

Our goal is to improve and revitalize lives and communities through partnership, research, education and the responsible use of our products as a natural means to alleviate symptoms and improve our patients’ quality of life. Pinnacle will cultivate and process their own high-quality product on-site which will help supply the Provisioning Center and provide several jobs locally.

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Our Mission

Keeping the fun in cannabis.

Products We Carry

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